Virtual cantor without registration… Crypto-ATM


Crypto-cantors are one of the safest and most practical ways to quickly obtain cryptocurrencies. But the process of registration can often be tedious and inconvenient, especially for users who care about their anonymity. What is the reason for this and is there a way to bypass this requirement while buying cryptocurrencies?

Independence of cryptocurrencies

The whole idea and the phenomenon of virtual money lies mostly in the high level of anonymity while also ensuring independence from outside influence. Cryptocurrencies were created as a way to liberate transactions from the control of central and government authorities, outside control, and artificial restrictions. That’s why most of the cryptocurrencies are based on the blockchain technology, which uses cryptography to encrypt information in the form of connected blocks, storing them online. It utilizes the computing power of computers belonging to the network that the cryptocurrency functions within. It makes the crypto independent from the middlemen and overseers, which could complicate its functioning, control the users, impose payments, and profit off of them, making independent cryptocurrency trading harder.

According to the initial objectives, the cryptocurrencies should be:

  • Completely decentralized
  • Cryptography-based
  • Anonymous
  • Fully digital

Although these values are very important to the very idea behind e-coins, they unfortunately also cause a lot of obstacles and even risks which become more prominent as they get popular. Due to the lack of regulations, emphasis on anonymity, and strictly digital character of cryptocurrencies, the market is very unstable and prone to sudden fluctuations. Furthermore, the places where crypto is stored and exchanged are at a high risk of a hacker attack, which can cause its owners and users to irreversibly lose many million dollars’ worth of cryptocurrencies.

That is why some people or teams responsible for creating e-coins resign from strictly adhering to all of the previously listed values, instead focusing on security and functionality during the phase of projecting and creating the cryptocurrency. It’s also possible to limit these attributes with the use of additional methods and safeguards that are not a consequence of the currency’s design. One of these methods is the verification requirement.

The need for registration

The emphasis on registration and multi-level verification is fairly common in the case of crypto exchanges. Platforms require a two-step registration process, which includes verification with the use of an identity document to minimize the risk of undesirable behaviours, easily monitor suspicious actions and track it more accurately if foul play is suspected. It allows them to avoid a situation when the funds of owners and clients would disappear without a trace.

Some users may not be willing to sacrifice their anonymity or simply have no time or will to go through the lengthy verification process just to obtain a few crypto units. Some online crypto-cantors evolved to suit the needs of these people by resigning from the verification process, or sometimes even the registration process as a whole.

Crypto-cantors without registration

Some platforms will still demand or encourage their users to set up an account for the purpose of creating more accurate statistics and trying to obtain the clients’ data, which is a major breach of privacy in the case of cryptocurrency trading without registration. Fortunately, virtual cantors are at a considerably lower risk of hacker attacks than crypto exchanges, which is why not all of them need a lengthy verification process.

Online crypto-cantors that would not require registration at all are relatively rare. Additionally, potential users should also be considering aspects like assistance, security measures, and the amount of available fiat-crypto pairs. When it comes to these issues, one of the most interesting and inviting cryptocurrency cantors is Crypto-ATM.

Crypto-ATM… the characteristic

Crypto-ATM resigned from the “sign up” function, focusing instead on the interests of their client by securing the transactions. To perform an exchange all you need is to state your name, phone number, e-mail and the address of an e-wallet where you want the crypto transferred.

Moreover, this crypto-cantor offers a wide variety of both fiat and crypto currencies to choose from, including three fiat currencies and as many as 8 cryptocurrencies, from the classic Bitcoin to the less common Dash and TRON. Thanks to this it offers the users up to 24 crypto-fiat pairs. The process of buying the e-coins itself is very quick, and the bought units will be delivered less than 20 minutes after the payment is made.

Crypto-ATM also offers a few helpful tools. Beginners can use the option to create a wallet to receive the units through the platform. Another useful option is setting up the highest acceptable price growth percentage for the currency the user is buying. It guarantees that the client won’t overpay in the case of a sudden price uptick, which is fairly common on the crypto market.

The page of the cantor is clear and has an easily readable table of prices, which is updated every 15 seconds to provide the users with the most current information. Crypto-ATM is an excellent option for people on every knowledge level, who care about their anonymity and ones who don’t use online cantors too frequently. Thanks to this, the online crypto cantor without registration allows for obtaining chosen e-coins at any time from the comfort of your own house.